Wherever you sail Western Peloponnese will attract you with its beautiful coastline, hidden sand-and-pebble beaches or its marvelous historical sites. Short passages between anchorages allow sailors to explore also the foodie heaven and sample local specialties such as olives, cheese or wine.

This itinerary lasts six days and it is sufficient to discover the major sight for this area. In total it is 100 NM, with the longer passage of 25NM, fairly leisure pace.

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Day 1: Kalamata - Koroni, 15NM, 3 hours

Day 2: Koroni - Methoni, 16NM miles, 3 hours

From Koroni head further west to Methoni, a remote small town that has a vast history from the Homer era. It offers a well sheltered anchorage. The coastline between Koroni and Methoni has a number of sheltered anchorages easily accessible with your charter yacht for a swimming and scuba diving. The Venetian Fortress of Methoni is a must-see;

Day 3: Methoni - Navarino Bay, 8NM, 1.5 hours

Sail near Sapientza and Sfaktiri isletsand encounter the spectacular view of the unspoiled nature. Once entered the Navarino Bay, you can choose between tying up in the marina of the bustling little town of Pylos or to find shelter on a remote anchorage in the Navarino Bay near Gialova, a fishing village with lots of tavernas to dine on fresh seafood by the waterfront.

Day 4: Navarino Bay - Proti Islet, 12NM, 2 hours

Proti is an tiny islet directly across from Marathoupoli. On it you can discover ancient citadel ruins, an old stone-build chapel and an Orthodox Monastery. The islet offers a well-protected anchorage and a secluded shore to enjoy sunbathing.

Day 5: Proti Islet – Foinikounta ,21 NM, 3 hours

Foinikounta is a pleasant small fishing village. The small harbor may allow sailors to tie up lines to the dock and access comfortably the surrounding tavernas and sandy beaches.  Foinikounta is the kind of place where you could rest up quite happily for a day or two, kicking back and doing nothing much at all.

Day 6: Foinikounta - Marathi, 3 miles, 30 minutes

Only a couple of nautical miles away from Foinikounta is the remote pristine beach of Marathi, where you can drop your anchor and enjoy swimming and relaxing. At night you can sleep beneath the stars avoiding the light pollution from the crowded areas. For late sleepers, a bottle of wine will be the best company while practicing navigation on the expansive sky.

Day 7: Marathi - Kalamata, 25NM, 4 Hours

Return to the base in the afternoon after a day full of fast sailing in the summer breeze. Your last night safely tied in the Marina Kalamata, you can relax and enjoy the amenities of a modern marina. Evening is the perfect timing to discover the beauties of Kalamata.

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Thank you for this day, which we never forget. We enjoyed it sooo much.
Danke für diesen Tag, den wir nie vergessen werden. Es hat uns sooo gut gefallen

Peter St. (22 Jan 2020)

Yannis and Panagiotis are perfect captains. Precision in every aspect, from the oragnization to the sailing days. We have discover the authentic spirit of sailing. The best way to explore the Mani and to enjoy the sea.

Viviana P. (22 Jan 2020)

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