Southeaster Peloponnese shores are wild, ideal for experienced sailors who seek navigational challenges and steady winds. Sail under the watchful gaze of Mount Taygetos and Mount Parnon, in clear blue waters, mooring up at untouched island.

This itinerary lasts seven days and it is sufficient to discover the major sights for this area. In total it is 200 NM, with the longer passage of 37NM. Long- distance passages and windy conditions are perfectly suited for more experienced sailors.

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Day 1: Kalamata - Limeni, 24NM, 3.5 hours

Day 2: Limeni - Gerolimenas, 15NM miles, 2 hours

From Limeni head further south to Gerolimenas, a picturesque small coastal village at the end of Mani Peninsula and one of the remoted settlements in the Peloponnese, which until the late 70s was reached mainly by boat. Once ashore, you can savour the atmosphere of the unspoiled , picture-book village.

Day 3: Gerolimenas - Elafonissos, 31NM, 4.5 hours

Use the strong local winds to enjoy dynamic sailing in order to cross Lakonian Gulf and reach Elafonissos island. The blessed landscape of  white sand beaches captures you once and for all. The turquoise water of Frango and Sarakiniko cove, the sand dunes along the beach and the exotic cedar forest gives you a sense of paradise.

Day 4: Discover Elafonissos

Located near the eastern shore of  Laconian Gulf, Elafonisos will impress sailors who will dare to discover all its hidden edges. Plot a route through azure waters of Frago and Sarakiniko Coves and snorkel in the submerged town near Pavlopetri islet, where archeological research project is still in progress. During summer, don’t miss the opportunity to mix up with locals and entertain yourselves at the local festivals and events.

Day 5: Elafonissos - Monemvasia, 29NM, 4 hours

Steeped in the Venetian culture, Monemvasia sit on a small rocky island and it is linked to the mainland with a 160m causeway, where usually available mooring positions are available. .

Day 6: Discover Monemvasia

Time to relax explore the nearby area. Discover the medieval castle and wander in the narrow alleys of the old town. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the top of the castle and admire the breathtaking view. Follow the path to the mysterious stone-build old town, located on the edge of the towering rock. The picturesque settlement and its atmosphere impress every visitor, whereas the numerous restaurants and tavernas are tempting for a tasteful journey

Day 7: Monemvasia– Kythira ,31 NM, 4 hours

Sail south, pass Cape Maleas and reach Kithira, a historical crossroad of sailors, traders and conquers. In Platia Ammos you will find a safe port and an amazing sand-and-pebble beach, ideal to kick back and embrace the local slower pace of life.

Day 8: Discover Kythira

An island with vast history that goes back to the pre-classical era. Nowadays Kythera is an unique destination in many respects. Sailors can plot a course between unspoiled beaches, archeological monuments and natural attractions

Day 9: Kithira - Porto Kagio, 25 NM, 3.5 hours

Porto Kagio is a remote seaside village to escape from civilization. Safe anchor place in the well protected bay is ideal to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of this area. 

Day 10: Porto Kagio - Mezapos, 18 NM, 2.5 hours

With two well-protected pebble beaches, Mezapos is an idyllic shelter, almost unknown to the tourism. Originally a small fishing port, it will be an opportunity to walk out and explore this tiny traditional village, swim in the clear waters or view the dreamlike sunset.

Day 11: Mezapos - Kalamata, 33NM, 4.5 Hours

Return to the base in the afternoon after a day full of fast sailing in the summer breeze. Your last night safely tied in the Marina Kalamata, you can relax and enjoy the amenities of a modern marina. Evening is the perfect timing to discover the beauties of Kalamata.

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Thank you for this day, which we never forget. We enjoyed it sooo much.
Danke für diesen Tag, den wir nie vergessen werden. Es hat uns sooo gut gefallen

Peter St. (22 Jan 2020)

Yannis and Panagiotis are perfect captains. Precision in every aspect, from the oragnization to the sailing days. We have discover the authentic spirit of sailing. The best way to explore the Mani and to enjoy the sea.

Viviana P. (22 Jan 2020)

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